13. Skills, Archetypes and More Bonuses

Well the news on what is happening with aim for the head has been lacking of late and I do apologise for that, my work has picked up over the last few weeks and what little time I have left over is being divided between trying to get fitter, working on the rules for aim for the head, spending time with the family, and sleeping. This has however not left me a lot of time to keep everyone up to date with what has been completed.

So what have I been working on…

More Edges and Hindrances bringing the total of 8 for each, While I do have 8 of each it may not stay this number, I was just inspired one day while driving to work and came up with a few more, as I have said before it won’t be until after a few play tests to see how they work in-game before I decide which stay and which go and if and how they are to be reworded.

I have also completed a list of Archetypes, 21 of them to be precise. All of them complete with it’s own descriptive paragraph.

Finally I have started a list of new skills, it is my hope to have about 10 or 12 of them when I’m done, I have 8 of them so far, and it has been surprisingly hard to come up with Ideal skills that would be needed in a world overrun by zombies. I guess that goes to show how solid and complete the core rules are.

The next stage after completing the skills will be Equipment and Weapons,
I don’t expect this table to be very big as I believe nearly everything should be covered under the core rules, the things I wish to include will be more make shift weapons the kind of thing that adds a bit of flavour to the game. Not everyone can run around with a Glock or a Smith & Wesson some people only have a broom stick with a machete strapped to it or a hockey stick that’s been sharpened to a point.

From there we go further down the rabbit hole and I delve into settings and style.

So stay tuned,

Till next time


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