06. Time for Reflection

Well with 2010 gone and 2011 just begun, I really need to step things up a notch for the next couple of weeks to make up for time lost over the Christmas break,

However before this break I was able to make some great progress, My paid work was very slow as most of our clients had closed down early for the Christmas period, this gave me the opportunity to nut out a few ideas and get things jotted down on paper.

A few of these things were, while the setting is not really geared to incorporate magic I have come up with a few guideline which may help if the group wanted to introduce magic into the scenario how they could do this.

The extra benefit that spending Bennies can do for you.

But most of all, the one thing that all Zombie games need to work… how to deal with infections and How/if the infection can be cured. I wasn’t really sure how I wanted this to work but I wanted to make sure that when I wrote it, it was clear as to how and when a survivor could become infected, how long it would take for an infected human to turn and what are the draw backs from being infected (apart from the obvious of turning into a zombie) and if there is a possibility of being cured once a survivor is infected. When researching what is needed for designing a campaign setting I have purposely stayed away from other zombie RPG’s as I wanted to use my of spin on how the infection works and I didn’t want to be influenced by the way other system have done it.

As I wrote this section I realised a lot of little ‘what ifs’ kept  popping into my head and the only way I could be clear about it was to give a couple of samples for this section. So the How to deal with infections is the largest part of my campaign setting so far but hopefully it is clear enough that everyone who reads the section will understand how it works, not that it is a very complicated system.  Like I have said before the goal is to have this game quick to learn and quick to play.

Next step on the agenda ‘How to create a survivor’.

Till next time,
Cheers Ray


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