20. Random Quests and Comp Winner

OK so I have been real quiet on the blog lately, I ran a competition which completed a couple of weeks back while the winner was announced via twitter there was no official mention on the blog so first things first. The winner of the competition was Michael Kwan (@KwanTI) with his suggestion of Dizzy Records so both he and his shop will now be a part of Aim for the Head RPG.

Thank you to all who entered I was surprised by the actual number of people who emailed me.

So what’s next on the agenda, well I have been building the random quest generator for some time now I seem to be getting there slowly but struggling to find the time, my hardest part with this section is I want there to be enough information and selections so when GM’s are rolling it up the end result will be something different each time but I don’t want there to be so much that the GM has to spend an hour rolling dice just to find out that in today’s session the survivors are going to be attacked by a pack of zombie dogs and need to flee a school,  while trying to save some people locked in the Gym . I want it to be something like that but I want the main points to be able to be concluded in about 5 minutes. So finding a balance between is the hardest part. The way I’m working on this is to give as many options and details as possible and then play test it over and over till I can refine it down to a point that after about five rolls and a quick read I of some suggestions, I have the main concept in my head and now all I need to do is pick a handful of NPC’s to join in the fun.

So that’s where I am at, I will be taking leave from my day job for two weeks while I’m on holiday so I plan to take my laptop and get some writing done in the down time. With any luck I will have another update for you all very soon.

Till Next Time


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