10. How to make it look pretty

Even though my main thought process is towards getting the rules and scenarios written, I am still thinking about other things such as the Art work, Design and Layout. Without the proper focus on these things the end result no matter how well it is written will look cheap and tacky and no one will want to look at it let alone pay money for it.

Therefore I have in mind a general guide on what I want from a graphical design point. The pagers will have a slightly weathered effect with blood splats here and there, I know this is not the most original background but it works. It won’t be too dark to make the text on the page hard to read, and it won’t be too busy that you don’t know where to look.

This brings me to what I do want to pop out and grab the reader’s attention and that’s the art work. I was in a shopping centre just before Christmas and they had the New Year calendars out on display and one just happened to catch my attention, it was a Zombie calendar the art work was amazing just what I had in mind. So I jotted down the artist name James Ryman, when I got home I looked him up on the net, this is where my title image came from. James’s style is very similar to that of the art work style on the board game Zombies!!! By twilight Creations http://www.twilightcreationsinc.com/ again a perfect fit for how I see the art work for Aim for the Head.

This is the big problem, as this project is running on a zero to low budget, acquiring art work like this might not be the easiest, so as I draw closer to layout time I will need to be making contact with artist who have the skills to draw like this, and are willing to do for pretty much nothing more than having their name in big bold letters in the final production and my undying gratitude, or maybe we could work something out. A few things I need to find out what is the normal rate for commissioned art and how do I get in contact with them easily is there some sort of artist agent that I can speak to and say this is what I want, do you have someone that can produce It for me.

My other thoughts are hitting up local art schools see if any students want some practise, if you have any experience in this aspect of publishing a book please let me know your thoughts or if you are interested in lending your artistic skills pleases feel free to contact me. In any case I will keep you all informed and will hopefully have a mock-up of a page layout I can post up in a few weeks.

Till next time

Ps here is a picture of a model I painted up for my play tests.


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