03. Getting my Thoughts Organised

Very early on I knew in order for me to achieve my goal of not only completing an RPG setting but to produce a quality product that I would be willing to put on the market, I would need to organise all my thoughts in one place to be able to see them all and how they relate to each other.

Although I am a very relaxed person and if I need something to get done I can just say alright I am here at point A and I need to be there at point B lets just do it, and it will more or less get done and be pretty close to where I needed it to be. Things might have taken a bit longer because I didn’t count on certain aspects but in a roundabout sort of way I get there.

However as I want to do this project and want to do it right I thought it was best if I mapped it out a bit first so I could see all of the things I needed to consider. Now as I am also currently doing an IT degree on Information Systems, I thought I would put some of my new found knowledge to work, I decided to build a mind map. This mind map is just to work out theme and mechanics of the game not the whole process from start to finish, which is another whole different matter.

While I could picture what I thought was everything I needed to look at to get this thing built in my head. It wasn’t till I started to put pen to paper so to speak that I realised how much there was to consider.

Every time I added a branch to the map I immediately thought of 1 or 2 sub-branches that needed to spawn off it. For instant if we look at the branch ZOMBIES – from there we have movement, are they fast or are they slow. Are they mutants built in a lab or is hell just full.

As you can see from one small thought numerous others were formed, and from this I have built a fairly comprehensive mind map to guide me through the creation of ‘Aim for the Head’ while I am still in the early design stages I can clearly see what I have decide to do, what still need deciding, and how much consideration is still needed to be able to say I have all the info I need now lets put it all in one central location.

I will upload the first version of this mind map so everyone can see what my thought process has been, and maybe it will help some people when setting out to design their own setting. One thing to remember is a mind map is not static it should grow and develop as the project grows and develops, as you answer a question posed by one branch it might just open a new question up. But fear not the mind map will not grow forever there will come a time when each branch and sub-branch has been looked at, considered and acted upon and it is at this time when your game has the best opportunity for being a tight and well balance game.

Aim For the Head Mindmap

Till next time,
Cheers Ray


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