11. My Draft Layout

Ok so what have I been up too since the last post, well I have been working on the Survivor archetypes a little tiding them up to represent who they are a little better, and I have been trying to work on the skills list some more, I have a few skills that I can think of but not all of them are jumping out and saying yeah I’d be a good skill to have.

I have been listening to a lot of podcast that interview game designers and they talk about how they got into writing RPG’s and their suggestions on what to do if you want to get involved. These have been very informative and have me thinking about a look of things that never crossed my mind before.

But the main thing I have been tinkering with is the layout – yes I know it’s too early to be thinking about layout when there are so many pages that need to be poured out of my head and on to paper. But after my last post I couldn’t stop thinking about it I could just see the book every time I closed my eyes so I figured the only way I can get past this it to produce a draft page for the world to see and comment on, and hopefully I can then move on again.

So here it is my draft layout, has taken about 3 hour to make over the space of 3 days (haven’t had time to do much of anything lately.)

I know some of the blood splats well need to be moved to make reading some of the text easier but you should get the gist of where I’m heading with this. So please leave a comment or email me your thoughts.

Till next time

Aim for the Head Mock up








Disclaimer: the picture of the zombie attacking the human is not mine and will not be in the end product, again this is just a representation of the artistic style I am hoping to achieve in the final product, the picture comes from the board game Humans!!! by twilight Creations Inc:  http://www.twilightcreationsinc.com


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