21. Play testing and Holidays

Well I hope everyone had a good break over Christmas and a Happy New Year. My break was short but sweet. While I didn’t progress much in the way of writing during the break, even though I did have a day set aside for it life seemed to catch up on me and that got canceled. I did however manage to run a play test with my old gaming group which was a lot of fun, I also then hit them up with some questions which has given me some things to think about and tweak.

My pre-generated characters seem to be ok (the ones that were tested anyway.) Same as a few of the enemy’s that I threw at them. Over all the first quest of the plot point campaign seemed to go over very well. Which means I am going to tee up another play test with the same group in a few weeks and running through the next part of the campaign with some new things implemented, and a lot more nasty’s being thrown at the survivors, as I really want to test out the infection rules as well as some of the more powerful and interesting zombies.

I also want to test out the town creation section, as the group will now be hitting the streets for the first time together it is a perfect opportunity to get them to run through quickly before game to give me a few locations I can include during the session.

With any luck I’ll be able to make up for lost writing time over the next couple of days I have a real burn sensation to get this done. I just need to convince my wife to give my iPad back so I can have access to my games books at the same time so I have a point of reference I can refer to when constructing th next section.

On a small side note back in October Aim for the Head RPG, had been officially under development for 1 year, while I was hoping to be a little further along then what I am, I look back at what I have accomplished so far and I am please with what I have done.  My next step will be making the rules available for a few select groups for play testing, I’m hoping to be at this stage by March, while I’m able to play test it myself now with my friends I really need it in the hands of some external groups to get more feed back.

As always feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email at raymunji@hotmail.com

Till next Time



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