19. Picking Up Speed

So I spent a couple of hours last Friday night working on the details for a number of locations within the town of Kingston falls which is the pre-created town supplied in Aim for the Head, I have found this a fun little section of the book to write, giving each location it’s own little bit of character and a small amount of detail for the people who own or work there., I have also been creating a bit of a history that links the towns people together as you would expect in a small town.

This section has been really good to write as it has made me stretch my creative muscle, before starting this project I was writing a novel and before that I wrote a number of short stories. Doing this section has been like writing an number of very short stories that are all self contained, yet all link into each other to form a great overarching theme. Hopefully I have supplied enough details to get every GM and every players creative juices flowing and to bring some of these back stories and themes into their own games, after all Aim for the Head isn’t just about killing zombies (although it is a good part of it) it’s about the relations ships between the survivors and how they grow and change while they try to stay alive from one day to the next.

Apart from the fun I have had with creating the town I have also had a rise in interest with the project, people contacting me and asking me about it, even a small mention on a new podcast “the secret cabal” http://www.thesecretcabal.com/ which I recommend you check out. This has all been adding fuel to my fire and keeping me motivated, so look out for more info to come as I move forward in leaps and bounds.

Till next time


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