18. Location, Location

Well a nice slow period at my day job this week gave me the opportunity too flesh you’re the details on the towns background that will be supplied in Aim for the Head.

It is basically broken down into two parts, the first part is a brief description of the town – what surrounds it, what there is to do on a Friday and Saturday night. A few things that would be pretty much common knowledge to anyone that live there the general population, climate that sort of thing.

The second part I take a large number of shops and land marks from the town and explain things like who owns it or how it came to be, and how this place or person has some significant with in the town and if it links to anyone other person or place. This is to give the town a real sense of history to the players as well as an aid to the GM, so if a player walks into a bar and asks who owns this Bar the GM can quickly look up the Bar and find all the details such as the name “Cock n’ Bull” the owner “Jed Malone” and some details as follows

The Cock n’ Bull was the original church when the town was first established but a freak lightning strike burnt half of it down 5 years ago; the church was then rebuilt on the other side of town. The old church stayed like that for 3 years until Jed bought it and rebuilt himself. A large number of towns’ people protested against the old church being turned into a pub, they said that it was blasphemes to do so. Jed announced that he had never heard such nonsense and it was all Cock n’ Bull what they were saying, this caused such an outrage amongst the town, that just for a laugh Jed decided to name the pub the Cock n’ Bull just to rub it in their faces. 2 years down the track 90% of the protesters can be found having a drink in the pub either on a Friday or Saturday night.

So as you can see, there is enough there to give the place some flavour and save the GM from having to wrack is brain trying to come up with something on the fly. Of course none of these are a must the GM can use as many or as little as they like and even mix and match a bit if they want to.

So that’s where I am at for the moment later down the track I will have a map of the town made up for the book so all the location that are talked about can be easily identified on the map and referenced if use in one of the pre-generated quest.

So if anyone knows a good cartographer please let me know.


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