17. Adding more Chapters by the Day.

In my last post I mentioned I was half way through writing the section on settings and style, since then I have completed this section and have almost completed the next section “Bringing the Team Together”. Originally this was not a section I had thought about adding to the book because I wasn’t sure if it was needed but the other day I was talking to a friend of mine and he asked me a bit about the game and what I was doing with it and soon we found ourselves talking to origins of the zombie mythos and how it might have started.

                This got me thinking and I thought it would be interesting to research and possible add a small sections at the front of the book covering this. I am unsure how much fact there are out there on this subject so I may need mix fact and fiction together to produce a short one page history on the history of zombies. Something with enough detail they people can read it and think wow that’s so cool I wonder if it’s true, while not being that boring that the reader feels like they are reading a historical text book that they might have been handed in high school.

                While I continued to speak to my friend it got me thinking about other chapters that I could add which I might have not thought about or just rejected off-handedly. This brought in the previously mentioned “Bringing the Team Together” and one which I am hoping to start writing today “Building your home town” while this last section might not be for everyone, when I think about every small town horror movie, the town itself seems to be built to both hinder and help the heroes.

What do I mean by this? Take a look at the movie Gremlins, the town had both a swimming pool, which the Gremlins jumped into and mass produce themselves and it also had the movie cinemas where in the end they were attracted to, locked in and blown up. It is sort of like the town itself is working both against the heroes and the villains just by design itself this isn’t just limited to building structures but could also incorporate town’s folk as well after all a town isn’t really a town with out people living in it.

While the Town itself won’t have any stats it can definitely have a personality of its own. Which in the end can only make the game better for everyone.

Till next time


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