16. Timeframes and Deadlines

Well I have gotten through half of what I wanted to write in regards to the Setting and Style section of Aim for the Head. As I predicted I had a quiet day at the office and I was all set to write something and I was stuck I sat there most of the day looking at a blank screen and then when I finally got the ball rolling and the words started to flow out on to the page, I started to get phone calls and Jobs started to pile in so that was the end of that.

But as least I got started and I know where I need to go with it now. I have also been looking over what I have previously written and have seen places where I need to expand upon, however I’m trying to just make a note of these parts in the back of my mind and go back to them after the first draft is completed. Unfortunately I’m a squirrel I have a 2 second attention span and once I think oww I need to do that here and fix that there, that is all I think about to the next thing grabs my focus which means what I should be working on gets left behind until It catches my eye somehow or I manage to force myself to focus on it long enough to get through to the next stage which is the pretty light which have had my attention the whole time.

However to fix this I’m starting to set deadlines for myself and each week I am now allotting time to write and meet this deadline, if I’m good and get it done quicker than the allotted timeframe then the spare time I have left I can go back and look at one thing I wish to expand on, this will allow me to progress with the content and also allow me to feed my pretty light syndrome.

With that said I have to sign off here as it is almost time for me to leave and start my first lot of organised writing time.

Till Next Time

P.s Check this song out by the doubleclicks, I love it .


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