15. Trying to stay Focused

For those of you who have been reading my blog and haven’t seen anything posted lately you have probable thought you yourself   “Hey self whatever happened to that Aim for the Head RPG?”

Well I’m still here still kicking around ideas but just struggling to get anything written down. I have finished up a night job so I should have more time to write and get things moving but over the last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to get motivated enough to do anything on it. I did spend about 20 minutes reworking the rules for makeshift weapons but that’s about it.

I am up to the section about style and setting, which I would have thought should be one the easiest parts to write as all I am doing is reiterating the type of styles the game can be played in and how I imaging different settings could work. Of course these wont be the only way but it should hopefully be a good starting point for GM’s.

Lately I have been wanting to play games and not write them, and I am struggling to do either so I and up doing nothing. I think what I am going to do is find a new game that I know has a similar chapter, read it from cover to cover and force my friends to play it using the style that the GM has suggested. Hopefully the excitement of learning and playing a new game will carry over into my own work and I will be able to complete another section of the book.

My next concern is that the book will not be long enough, that I’ll get to the end of what I had planed to write and just know it needs something more but not know what. If the book is incomplete then I don’t have to face the fear of it not reaching my expectation. I wonder how many other people out there knee cap themselves like this just so they don’t have to confront their own fears and concerns about their work, and how or if they manage to get past this to complete the book.

If anyone has any thoughts on this I’d be interested to hear them.
Feel free to post here or to send me an email at raymunji@hotmail.com

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2 Responses to 15. Trying to stay Focused

  1. Hey Ray, keep on keeping on. Do you think you will have the game ready for Auscon? (That isn’t really a question, it’s a challenge!). Don’t worry about length – I’ve written games that are two pages long and games that are 100 pages long and they are finished when they are finished. Finally, check out Rob Lang’s excellent guide to organising RPG’s – he is writing for free rpg’s but it’s just good advice. http://www.thefreerpgblog.com/2009/05/rob-langs-free-guide-to-organising-your.html

    • raymunji says:

      Hey Nathan,
      Thanks for the link I will check It out, the RPG is at a point where I can easily run a game from what I have written out but it is not ready to be handed over to any other person yet for any sort of play testing it’s in a poorly formatted word document with poor spelling and grammar. So no not ready for Auscon but with any luck and a bit of self-motivation it should be in a clean and presentable format not too long after Auscon. It had crossed my mind to run it at Auscon for a bit of feedback.
      But then who knows, maybe with this new-fangled medium of Google+ maybe I can run a play test involve people from all over the country or world….that’s if I knew anyone over-seas that is.

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