14. Arm Yourself!

Well it’s been about a month since the last post, but I have still been working on Aim for the head… well a little bit anyway. I had a week off on a holiday which was very nice, then when I came back I had two weeks off sick which wasn’t so nice. And then my computer had a meltdown, thankfully paranoia and 100 backups saved my life, plus the fact that my Aim for the head work is all save on an online server was an added bonus so I could still access it even though my home computer was dead.

So the other day I came up with about 20 standard weapons for Aim for the Head some I have to reference back with the core rules just to make sure I’m not doubling up on anything like baseball bat or chainsaw, I’m sure they might have been listed somewhere before. Finally I have come up with a few make shift weapons which are not only cool but give a real flavour for the game, and how the survivors are really going to have to make do with what they can scavenge if they want to survive remember a vinyl record can be a deadly weapon if thrown the right way….ok maybe not deadly but if you snapped it in half you might be able to cut the throat out of some undead monster that is trying to eat your brains.

Anyway hopefully in the next week I will have confirmed what weapons I need to stat out and what ones have already been done for me and then I can move them into the weapons table ready from play testing.

Then the next section I’m looking to flush out is to help inspire GM’s “Setting and Style of play.”

Till Next time… oh wait one last thing, I have heard back from Pinnacle Entertainment in regards to licencing, I was contacted by Shane Hensley himself and I have been given details of what I need to send them to be considered for licence approval and I have been informed what he has seen from the blog that it looks promising. So finger cross we are looking good.



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