09. The Hindrances and Edges Lists

As promised a list of the custom Hindrances and Edges I have created for this setting, they are in the early stages and have not even been play tested yet. So there is more then a good chance that either the wording or the entire rule itself will change before publication. One that I am particularly unsure about is the hindrance of pregnant.

While in early stages of the game and the survivors are looking for safety I could understand why a pregnant lady would be on the road. However the survivors would more then likely at some stage find a safe place to hold up for a while. But if this was the case why would the survivor risk herself, the baby and everyone else by going out on missions with the other survivors. Apart from “Oh your safe house has been overrun by zombies you better flee.”  And that scenario would get old very quickly.

I have built into this hindrance a mechanic that after a certain period of time the survivor can change the pregnant hindrance for another one but I am still not sure if it works I guess the only way to tell is from play testing and feed back.

So with out further ado the lists:

New Hindrance

Body Oder (minor)
Personal hygiene has never been high on the list of your survivors priorities, and now with the outbreak it has pretty much disappeared from your vocabulary altogether. With this being the case your survivor has a certain air about them which is off putting to most other people giving them a -2 to Charisma.

Dark Past (minor)
Not everyone is perfect and sometime even good people can make mistakes, your survivor is no different, they have done something in their past which they believe is terrible (even if no one else would). They will do anything to keep this secret behind them but feel they must pay a debt which they will do anything to full fill even if it means putting their life at risk.

Depression (minor)
Life has been hard, nothing seems to go your way or maybe recent events have just shattered your spirits and you can’t see a silver lining on any clouds. Because of this bleak outlook in like your survivor suffers from a -1 to all rolls that associated to spirit attribute.

Insomnia (major)
Either from night terrors or just from too much coffee intake, this survivor cannot sleep for more than 2 – 3 hours each night. A survivor with insomnia must make a sleep check every 8 hours. See Sleep in the Savage Worlds Explorers Edition for details.

Pregnant (minor)
Under normal circumstances being pregnant is not a hindrance, however when running from zombies it is. The survivors pace is reduced by 2, at any stage this hindrance can be replaced, either by “Loyal” (towards the baby) or by Depression from the loss of the baby.

Righteous (minor)
The righteous believe that this is all part of their gods work and the human race is paining for their sins, they have no problems telling this to anyone who is listening or to anyone who isn’t listening, making them unpopular in most circles. Your survivor has a -1 to his Charisma.

New Edges

Natural Tolerance
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
The survivors gain a +1 on all of their infection rolls, it also applies for the 4 rolls to cure the survivor of the infection if a cure is available in your game.

Requirements: Novice, Charisma 2+
Yours survivor is so enthusiastic that they are able to encourage other survivors to do better. Any survivor within 4 yards of your survivor gains a +1 to any unskilled tests, (a survivor with this edge cannot motivate themselves to do better).

Requirements: Novice
This survivor is more in tune with the world around them and can pick up on the vibes of other people, using this sixth sense they can use the person’s feelings to their own advantage to get what they want. The extent of this is completely up to the Game Master, but creativity should be rewarded, particularly when good roll playing is involved.

Feel No Pain
Requirements: Seasoned, Vigor d8+
Your survivor is use to battle and has the scars to prove it, over time they have learnt to go beyond the pain threshold and keep fighting. The survivor gets a +2 on all soak rolls.

Faith of the Righteous
Requirements: Novice, Righteous, Spirit d8+
Being of sound faith, even in their darkest hour some survivors have absolute faith in their god, and believe that they are protected and from all evil. Giving them the ability to stare into the abyss without blinking, the survivor’s faith adds +2 to all gut checks.

Night Vision:
Requirements: Novice
Your survivor is more of a night owl then most people, and over the years their eyes have become more accustom to the darkness of night, any survivor with this edge has a +1 when shooting at a target in either Dim light, Dark. Pitch Darkness.

Like always feel free to comment on this post or any other or send me an email directly to raymunji@hotmail.com

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  1. Paul says:

    dude – fleshing it out nicely!

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