08. Building a Survivor

Well what a great week and a half, I have completed the chapter on how to build and customise your survivor. While this chapter is primarily governed by the rules in the Savage Worlds rule set, I have edited them to be more customised for this campaign.
with examples that represent this campaign setting.

            I have also developed a list of archetypes that can be used when creating your survivor, such as Police Officer, Pageant Queen, Park Ranger, Mechanic, etc… with a brief description about each one, this is to help with the story building of the game to explain why you survivor may have the skills that they have.

            I am currently in the process of developing some custom skills, and some custom Edges and Hindrances which are design specifically for the Aim for the Head setting but could easily be transferred into any savage world game.

            As a bit of a teaser I will post up 1 maybe 2 of these lists for people to look at and comment on. So expect so see that in the next week or two, your first sneak peak at the system in it’s raw format.

Till Next time


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