07. Survival Plan

This will come as no surprise to most, but I haven’t written anything this week and the reason for this, basically 80% of the state of Queensland in Australia (where I live) has been flooded. And although I have had the better part of a week off it has been spent doing uni stuff or family time.

I did however watch a movie called Zombie Diaries. While this was not a particularly bad movie it wasn’t particularly good either. However there was one scene where some saviours come across a body and wonder if it’s dead or not –they roll it over to see half the face missing and maggots all over it. Assuming the thing is dead, dead they turn their back and a moment later the body stands up.

This got me thinking, one of the biggest things in Zombie movies is to kill them all by destroying the brain. Well after a little research I found out that maggots will eat a brain if the person is dead and it would only take about a week or two to nicely get rid of a big portion, big enough that it would look like a shot gun blast to the brain.

Now maggots will only eat dead meat so any zombie is a prime target. So a few days after death most Zombie would be full of maggots giving them roughly another 2 weeks of undead life. There for a zombie’s life span at max would only be a month, Now giving that after the first initial outbreak of the world being over run by zombies as a survivor you would probable only need to really stay hidden and survive for about 1 and a half to 2 months after mankind falls. Not so bad when you look at it like that hey. So I’ll leave you all with these final thoughts:

1) When the Zombies rise stay hidden and stay safe it’s only going to be for a couple of months.


2) Maggots are your best defence against the undead, strange but true.

Tell next time,



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