About The Author

Ray Williams,

As Lead Director and Designer of Games-Mania, Ray lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and two children. As an avid lover of most things game related, Ray started teaching his children how to play games from a very early age. After struggling to find games that were both fun and easy enough for his children to play Ray started designing games to play with them.

                It wasn’t long before he started to design games for an older audience. Soon after this he developed a nagging urge to create an RPG.  As he had been unable to play for the past few years Ray wanted to find a game that was both quick to learn and quick to play. These were key requirements needed, as his wife also loved to play but was limited with time in which to play.

                Ray then decided the way to fix this problem was to create an RPG himself that was quick to learn and quick to play. It was then that Ray came up with the initial concept for the campaign setting ‘Aim for the Head’ in September 2010. Diving into as many core rule sets as he could find he set out to build a rule set from the ground up. Using all of these rule books as inspiration to build his game upon, what he quickly found was that ‘Savage Worlds Explorers Edition’ rule set was almost identical to what he was in the process of creating, so rather than recreating the wheel, Ray decided to use the Savage Worlds rule set to create his campaign setting.

                Now for a theme, loving all things Zombie, theme was a no brainer (pun intended). And thus ‘Aim for the Head’ was born, because we all know, when they have you surrounded ‘Aim for the Head.’ So please sit back and read/listen as Ray embarks on this journey to create an RPG campaign setting with no prior knowledge or experience of how to do such a crazy and wonderful thing.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me:  raymunji@hotmail.com